So THAT’S how he does it 😉


I love this picture of my parents. This is a screen cap of a iPhone video. Wish I had a higher resolution version!


mom and dad 001


Bethany Volunteer Fire Department drives Santa around every year. It’s such a wonderful tradition and yet another great community event in the best small town in Connecticut! Thanks to all the firemen for all they do for us!

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High five Santa!

Betwixt &
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As I was walking out of my office tonight something flashing inside The Artspace gallery caught my eye so I went over to see what it was all about. To my pleasant surprise they had a fascinating exhibit titled Betwixt & Between. It was a cross section of contemporary video/multimedia art. It did a wonderful job of waking me up after a long week at the office. I’m looking forward to taking some other coworkers over to Artspace after Christmas. They are open tomorrow but are then closed until after the new year. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

The 4th grade CCD class at St Vincent’s learned about the Jesse tree and made ornaments to present at mass.

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I love Kutiman songs & videos!

Ali’s home town!

One of my former employees sent me these pictures from her new job on the Google Android team. I can’t wait to go out for a visit!
Google Bikes – they make them too ridiculous to steal.
guy with the android for scale

The front of my building with the android, Nexus 1 (the first Google android device) and all the iterations of android (moving left to right in the picture is froyo, eclair, cupcake, and doughnut)  Gingerbread is currently also up but a clear day has not presented itself to allow me a shot.

I love how Steve Jobs ‘dropped into’ College for a year and a half. Taking the courses he wanted to take instead of the courses he HAD to take!