I was reading @annnyberg’s post on Robert Greenberg’s show. We saw him at City Wide Open Studios alternate spaces this past year but didn’t get to spend a lot of time looking at his stuff because we were chasing after the kids.

I love finding the source of his drawings such as this photo taken during the 1970 Black Panther trials.


Taken at Bethany , CT


That damn iphone auto-correct! 😛

I was reading this week’s PostSecret Blog and came across this postcard:

Case of 158.723 in the Dewey Decimal System is an “Applied Psychology” book. specifically “Works that focus on burnout are classed in 158.723.

It got me to thinking. Do Librarian’s talk in Dewey Decimal????

Two of my coworkers are planning 392.5.
The highlight of my summer was listening to 784.4 at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.
My dad is affraid of flying in 629.1’s.”

Bloom by Radiohead
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Ha… They should be called 'InsideJacksHead' instead of 'Radiohead'.

These songs are so complex and layered. I LOVE listening to them with headphones on.

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2007 to 2011


Taken at Bethany , CT

Only in New York City! My brother-in-law sent a tweet to @nateXhill to meet us at 4pm on 42nd Street. This guy dresses as a panda with boxing gloves and asks you to punch him! He actually met us there! Yes really! Watch the video. You have to see it to believe it!

This is funny, the boys created the caracters Cappy Cappo (on the left) and Jacob Rastman (on the right).
They are also writting songs that these guys would sing. The first one is “Love Happy Love” a Reggae Tune by Jacob Rastaman 🙂
I tried to convince them to let me record them singing the song, but they all refused saying I should get Jacob Rastaman to do it…