Alye you go girl! You have turned the tables taking the power back from the bullies and at the same time launching an international conversation on bullying! Alye you are a strong and courageous young woman. Great things are in store for you!






10:00 A.M.  Have breakfast with others passionate about the needs of those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

11:00 A.M.  Hear from Legislators and speakers who support improvements for those on the Autism Spectrum. 


Take the opportunity to visit your personal local Legislators to discuss autism with them and/or their aides – if they are not in, let them know you stopped by and why

The latest video from the Foresters:

Bethany has it’s own March madness! Today is the championship game between the Red and the purple teams.


Taken at Bethany , CT

I love this interview @jason did with @garyvee on the latest TWIST. It’s TOTALLY worth an hour of your time! Context, engagement and being a nice guy wins in the age of social media. Watch, listen and learn:

I went to a very interesting Yale lecture yesterday by Tony Hey from Microsoft Research talking about the revolution of research needing to deal with the overwhelming amount of data. 

The 4 Research Paradigms Throughout History

1. Thousand years ago –  
Experimental Science
 – Description of natural phenomena

2. Last few hundred years
Theoretical Science 
– Newton’s Laws, Maxwell’s Equations

3. Last few decades
Computational Science – Simulation of complex phenomena

4. Today 
Data-Intensive Science
 – Scientists overwhelmed with data sets require a new generation of scientific computing tools to manage, visualize and analyze the data flood.

The key is moving data to knowledge


A few -interesting applications of this are:
Zoom Technology (Example Roman History)

Other resources:
Interesting article in NY Times:

List of Tools:

George Bradt has a great article in Forbes with advice from the CEO Sam Martin of A&P Supermarkets.

Sam Martin says to turn a company around, do these 3 things:

1. Stay focused on the customer. Welcome them make them feel important & appreciated.
2. Build team on a bedrock of trust and focus at the task at hand.
3. Persevere. Reward small wins. Fail quick make sure mistakes are fast and little.

What do you think?

There is a really interesting analysis from O’reilly Radar on who the top #SXSW twitter champions have been over the past 3 years. I find this to be a very interesting case study of how to use the twitter stream for research and analysis. Take a look:

Their summary of what makes a champion is right on:
* retweet
* share messages
* respond in real-time
* provide useful information on topics that are interesting to their followers

Good advice for anyone trying to build a brand on twitter!

I just pledged support to this amazing project to preserve, doument and write the history of these fantastic photos from Iraq.
I had an inspiring conversation with Christopher Brownfield who is working to get this project off the ground.
He said he needs as many people as possible to pledge at least $1 to show their support of his project. 
Click on over to learn more.