Hayden made a special request to go to the Bethany Music And Dance party on his 10th birthday. I was tired and it was late but i agreed to go because it was his special request on his special day. I’m so glad we did because we Ran IMO Natalie Glidden, one of our dulas who helped us on August 26,2001 at the Waterbury Birthing Center! The last time we saw Natalie was 10 years ago today at Hayden’s birth!


Thought of this when I heard that Steve Jobs is stepping down today.

I was lucky enough to get both Clara Berry from Kennybunk Maine The Barefoot Movement from Granville North Carolina to perform at The Lakeview Lodge on Saturday night.
Here are a few videos of Barefoot Movement. I wish I filmed the whole night. What an amazing show!

Watch on Posterous

Watch on Posterous

Listen to this track i recorded from my phone!

Matt Posted this Haiku this morning on Twitter. It made me smile 😀

Whoops! My Baby boy
Is smiling through sleepy eyes-
Morning work on hold… 😉

— @MatthewBrowning