As a techie geek I get asked for help from my friends all the time with setting up computers, recovering lost files and just about anything else you can think up.
I run a consulting business and charge a decent rate for my time but I always feel awkward charging friends.  I wrote a blog post about this back in October that's worth a read:
Since that time I have don't several collaborative deals and people have been asking me what they can trade so I made a quick list:
If you want to barter for service there are a few things I can think of off the top of my head that we could pick from:

  • Watch people's kids at the Lakeview Lodge Concerts (
  • Watch my kids so Ali and I can have a date night
  • Clean my gutters
  • Install a new mailbox
  • Prepare dinner for the family
  • Clean garage 
  • Mount and frame 3  8×10 photos
  • Fix the ceiling in my kitchen
  • Put more insulation in my attic
  • Purchase and install 4 guitar wall mounts
  • Clean our windows
  • Cut the dead branches out of the oak tree in my back yard
Some of these jobs are small and some are not but all things I would most likely need to pay someone to do for me.
With collaborative consumption everyone wins!

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