Jerry Koch-Gonzalez and John Buck lead the Green Haven Co-Housing Sociocracy Workshop held at The Grove in New Haven Connecticut. Here are some pictures and videos of the weekend and more information on Sociocracy.

Day 1 1/28/2012

The entertainment committee getting everyone involved! 


Day 2 1/29/2011

Art From The Sociocracy Conference:


More Information On Sociocracy:

Dynamic Governance at Lost Valley Educational Center and intentional community:

An introduction to sociocracy and its processes written by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez:
“Governance by Equals: An Introduction to Sociocracy”

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I love how my good friend Aldon Hynes always puts up Follow Friday posts on his blog
I want to do a Create96 themed Follow Friday (#FF).
Tonight Friday 1/27/2012 is the Create96 show-and-tell – 6:30 at The Grove.

#FF Create96 Masterminds:
@wordmason – Mason Rabinowitz 
@jkubarych – Jeff Kubarych
@create96  –

The Norks will be there in full force!

Evan will be unavailing the latest music video from his side-project band Synchron.

Hayden will be showing the slide show he made for the 2011 Robotics season to a rockin Led Zeppelin soundtrack.

Liam will be showing his Harry Potter Lego creation. (pictures to follow)

Ali and I will be announcing the launch of



Give Laptops collects donated laptops less than 5 years old, refurbishes them in partnership with City Wide Youth Coalition
and distributes them through teacher partners directly to the children who could most benefit from a laptop.

Goal for 2012 is to distribute 24 laptops. For our pilot year, two schools have signed on:
We handed out our first laptop (donated by a fellow Grover) and have 3 more ready to be given to students.
If you would like to donate a laptop to the cause, please fill out the form here:

Create 96 Idea List.pdf
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Hello All;
The Amity Teen Center has acquired 1,002 brand new winter coats from Operation Warm in Pennsylvania.  Joyce Van Lines has graciously offered to pick up the coats in Pennsylvania and deliver them to the Amity Teen Center.  Joyce and Operation Warm are still working out the timing and logistics. In the mean time the teen center wanted to get the word out to organizations in the greater New Haven area that have children and teens in need. They would like to have all organizations fill out a coat request form to identify the number of coats in each size that their community could use this winter. Once the coats arrive they will coordinate with a representative from each organization come to the teen center to pick up all of their coats to distribute to their community.

Please have an organization representative fill out this form indicating the number of coats needed:

The teen center would also like your help in identifying all organizations that could use new winter coats. Please share this message with any other organizations in the greater New Haven area that you think may have a need for brand new children's coats.

Evan had to do an English report over Christmas Break so he decided to do it using Xtranormal Desktop
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(Here is the same video zoomed out a bit.) Xtranormal is a pretty cool animation program!
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