I love how my good friend Aldon Hynes always puts up Follow Friday posts on his blog
I want to do a Create96 themed Follow Friday (#FF).
Tonight Friday 1/27/2012 is the Create96 show-and-tell – 6:30 at The Grove.

#FF Create96 Masterminds:
@wordmason – Mason Rabinowitz 
@jkubarych – Jeff Kubarych
@create96  – Create96.com

The Norks will be there in full force!

Evan will be unavailing the latest music video from his side-project band Synchron.

Hayden will be showing the slide show he made for the 2011 Robotics season to a rockin Led Zeppelin soundtrack.

Liam will be showing his Harry Potter Lego creation. (pictures to follow)

Ali and I will be announcing the launch of GiveLaptops.org



Give Laptops collects donated laptops less than 5 years old, refurbishes them in partnership with City Wide Youth Coalition
and distributes them through teacher partners directly to the children who could most benefit from a laptop.

Goal for 2012 is to distribute 24 laptops. For our pilot year, two schools have signed on:
We handed out our first laptop (donated by a fellow Grover) and have 3 more ready to be given to students.
If you would like to donate a laptop to the cause, please fill out the form here: http://givelaptops.org/donate-a-laptop

Create 96 Idea List.pdf
Download this file

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