We were lucky enough to make it up to the Meriden Daffodil Festival for a little while on Saturday. Long enough to catch The Guru and Mark Mulcahy.

The Guru are a really great band from the Waterbury area that draw a fun and energetic crowd. They seem to be really down to earth funny guys. At one point on Saturday they had one of the members grandmother come out on stage to throw t-shirts into the audience. I recommend catching them at one of their upcoming shows before they head out on their summer tour!

It was such a beautiful day, after The Guru we visited the food tent, the craft vendors and took a nice walk around the lake.


But the moment I’d been waiting for was the return of Mark Mulcahy. It’s been way too many years since he played in Connecticut, so this was a grand homecoming for the former Miracle Legion front man.
He brought his ‘super group’ of players with Ken Maiuri (vocals, drums, keyboard, bass), Henning Ohlenbusch (bass vocals, keyboards, guitar), Dave Trentholm (guitar, saxophone, flute, vocals) and guest appearances of Jeff Wiederschall and a guitarist that Mark introduced as ‘Dr. Managua’ (not sure what his real name is).
They put on a phenomenal show playing a great mix of classic Mark Mulcahy songs along with a few new tunes from his upcoming album ‘Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You’ scheduled for release on Mezzotint on June 18th.
The highlight was the grand finale playing the original Miracle Legion songs ‘Mr. Mingo’ and ‘The Backyard’ bringing back so many memories of the 80’s and 90’s New Haven music scene and all the great shows over the years at places like The Moon, The Tune Inn & GPSCY.

It was so great to see Mark again and its really great to see a number of tour dates scheduled to support the new album!

For those of you who missed the show, here is a set I recorded on Sound Cloud:

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