Social web hits the streets hard connect(ing)icut

25 Events, 7 Days, 1 Week: For, With, By the People of CT

Social Web Week CT is coming to town!  A grassroots movement started with a few, turned into many individuals, businesses and organizations joining together to pull off seven days of 25 events July 10-16, 2010.  This soon to be annual week. and its events, are hosted by New Haven, but will be passed off to the next CT city during the final event.  For a full list of events visit

The week is dedicated to bringing people together in CT to explore how best to use the social web to improve our quality of life.  Most events are free, open to the public and geared towards making the social Web easy to understand and enjoyable for all, not just the Techies, although there is something for them too.  

Meet every day heroes of the real and online community.

Daily themes include Destination CT, Friends & Family, Technologists & Entrepreneurs, Across the Sectors(Business, Citizenry, Community), Marketing for Marketers, Fundraiser for a CT Cause and Connecting in Connecticut.  This year’s daylong fundraiser, the Share-a-Thon, is benefiting Best Buddies of Connecticut (

Bonding the people of Connecticut together in new ways, Social Web Week CT stands for: Connection, Conversation, Collaboration and Community.

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