Today is Revionics last day at The Grove. Becky and I started coming to Ken’s Story Lab sessions starting in October of 2010.

We started moving our stuff over to the Grove in January of 2011 and had our first day co-working with the whole team on Feburary 3, 2011

When we started working we were jammed into a room that was so small, we had to literally all move if one person needed to get out to go to the bathroom. 🙂

From ROI/New Haven/The Grove

But we were so honored to have a room named after us and felt supported and part of the Grove coworking family.

From ROI/New Haven/The Grove

Over the past 2 years we have seen the Grove grow, expand and evolve. Revionics is moving around the corner to a larger office at 55 Church Street. We are graduating from the Grove but look back fondly on our time together.

Thanks to all you Grovers!

There are some great pictures of our time over the past years


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  1. Daryn DeZengotita

    From the Dallas Grovers . . . much love to Revionics as you jump out of the nest!

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